1. The online race entry process consists of 5 steps: (1) race selection, (2) contact details, (3) riders, (4) declaration, and (5) entry submitted.
  2. After the first rider has been added you will have the option to add additional riders to the same entry (e.g. team or family members).
  3. Because of COVID-19 regulations, access to venue is limited to riders and crew members only. No spectators are allowed. For each rider you are only allowed a mechanic and an additional 4 crew members. Please have their details (name, surname, ID number, email address and cellphone number) ready during registration as well as the details of people living with the crew members (i.e. name, surname, ID number, email address and cellphone number).
  4. Please ensure you complete all the steps in the process.
  5. During the final step you will be provided with a unique reference number and added to the list of entries.
  6. Please note your entry is not submitted until you are provided with this reference number and your name appears on the list of entries.
  7. During the entry process you will be required to upload your MSA competitors license. Please keep the document ready (either as PDF, PNG, JPEG or DOC). If you don't have a license yet, please visit www.msaonline.co.za.

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